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Baby and Me

Clonakilty, West Cork

Baby and Me


A Support Service for Parents to be

About Baby and Me

Yes women have been having babies since the dawn of time that part still works the same but today parents have the wonderful opportunity to approach pregnancy and childbirth in a way that fits their lifestyle, expectations and I help them do that!

As a qualified registered Midwife and mother of 6 !

I am uniquely positioned to guide parents as they make the experience of having a baby their own.

Baby and Me will guide Parents to be through the process to make their experience their own and as unique as the baby they are about to welcome into the world.

Baby and Me provides education resources and support for the choices families want to make surrounding childbirth- but don’t always realise they have.

Through teaching natural techniques such as conscious birthing,baby massage and by holding space for you and your baby, through personalised education programmes,parents to be learn to approach their journey through this life changing experience with calmness and confidence to empower them in the choices they make.

Baby and Me engages, empathises, educates and empowers parents to be through a safe, rewarding experience that ensures their baby and their family get off to a beautiful healthy start together.

I am also available to other birth professionals who want to explore and be introduced to options they are not so familiar with